VHF Radios / AIS

VHF Radios / AIS

VHF Radios / AIS

  • VHF Radios: Versatile and rugged, with everything the owner needs to communicate with other vessels, the shore and even individuals onboard. Optional wireless handset for complete mobility and intercom capability.
  • Automatic Identification Systems: Aiding safe navigation, AIS provide vessel data for collision avoidance purposes. Essential in today’s congested ports and busy shipping lanes.
VHF Radios / AIS

VHF Radios / AIS


Link-2 is a feature-rich, floating handheld VHF radio that is Class D DSC compliant and features Man Over Board functionality and storage for up to 300 waypoints.
Link-2 DSC VHF/GPS лв.199 See more

Link-5 DSC VHF

The Link-5 marine VHF system is compact and affordable with an ultra-rugged waterproof (IPX7) chassis.
Link-5 DSC VHF лв.179 See more

Link-8 DSC VHF

The Link-8 marine VHF radio combines reliable performance with critical safety features for complete communication anywhere on the water.
Link-8 DSC VHF лв.299 See more

NAIS-400 Class B AIS System

Reduce your risk of collision with this latest generation, fully integrated, Class-B AIS transponder - essential for navigating today's busy shipping lanes and congested ports.
NAIS-400 Class B AIS System лв.929 See more